I have recently returned from a trip to Croatia, in the north Adriatic, where there are five 29 - 36ft american sport fishers plus a Boston whaler with an inboard and a flats skiff for inshore bass, leer fish, garfish, amberjack and snapper. Offshore are black fin tuna, bonito, albacore and of course juvenile blue fin tuna up to 150kgs (normally 20 - 40kgs with the odd broadbill swordfish showing up also). A nice winter venue for those interested . . oh yes they also have lovely brown trout in season too!!!
There has also been some fantastic yellowfish from the Vaal River along with the odd big catfish showing up on 5 weights . . . game on!!!
I had some fantastic pollock fishing in Ireland with a 13 year old client and Charlie Chaplin's grandson, this trip also included some nice sea trout in saltwater. We also had some great salmon returns in Kerry with the removal of drift nets . . . unfortunately none landed but lots were seen.
United Kingdom